“The decision to use polyester resin to make final pieces was accidental. Unlike painting, where you can take a picture and have the two dimensions, the sense of volume is irreproducible, even if you have a very good picture of a sculpture you will never have all the faces of the piece. In an effort […]


“The sensuality of clay and its morbidity made the artist discover immediately its skin quality. [...] Ceramic construction implies modelling ability and skill, but it also requires a profound knowledge of the material, its flexibility and how to control the resistance (by dehydration first and then through the fire), ascertaining every possible deformation. “


“At first I had an aversion to bronze as I thought of the cold, green, decorative bronze. I felt that bronze sculpture had no soul and the pieces had no life of its own, maybe for the fact that there are a number of originals. It started as a challenge, as someone told me I […]