Book launch Claroscuro Javier Marín

March 08, 19:00 hrs.
Café Michelena
Portal Allende 209
Downtown, Morelia, Mich.



March 9, 20:00 hrs.
Fábrica de San Pedro
Miguel Treviño s/n
Downtown, Uruapan, Mich.



With the participation of:



Arturo Ávila: Specialist in cultural policy, modern and contemporary art. Dedicated to historical research, and chronicler of Uruapan.



Adriana Martínez: Coauthor of the text “Human from head to toe: The paradoxes in the work of Javier Marín”



Eduardo Mier y Terán: Director of Terreno Baldio gallery and museographer of the Caroscuro exhibition.


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