“The decision to use polyester resin to make final pieces was accidental. Unlike painting, where you can take a picture and have the two dimensions, the sense of volume is irreproducible, even if you have a very good picture of a sculpture you will never have all the faces of the piece. In an effort to generate a working memory, to understand the previous step in order to take the next I decided to make resin copies of my work to keep them. I began to like them and started researching the possibilities of working with the different qualities that can be found in this material so contemporary: the translucent, the absolutely black, the aspects of wax, ceramic biscuit, candy, marzipan or meringue that give the pieces an appareance sometimes very mannerist, stylish, sometimes weird, and suddenly very romantic. In the infinite possibility of appearances that resins can create there are some that fit very well with the intention of my pieces. “

Resin in itself is still a very cold material, very smooth, and I wanted to create accidents to enrich the pieces, that made them unique, that is why the idea of mixing organic materials to the resins emerges. These create strange effects on the sculpture, and they bring textures that the polymers don’t have¨.