The body of things – Imma Turbau

At times we forget that without a body, there would be no soul, or something akin to a soul. We overlook that talent, in the absence of instruments, could not exist. We need to be reminded that inanimate things require physical appearance to make their presence known. All feelings seek an organ to dwell in: love, in the heart; envy, in teeth; tenderness, in skin…

Enigma and the Spatial – Aurora Noreña

Beyond the notoriety of its volumes, the sculptural installation completed by Javier Marín during the summer 2008 in Pietrasanta (Lucca, Italy) claims relevance because of its overall conceptualization of the assembly as a spatial problem and the power of significance that this implies.
For the first time, although perceived and developing from its earliest attempts to make his human masses interact with the exhibition space (Sculptures, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris. 2000-2001) and his scaffolding with suspended bodies (Javier Marín.

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